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I am Kadri, one of the founders of MyHome OÜ and have been related to real estate since 2003. Real estate brokerage and the need for property management are the reasons to contact me for. My passion is to take care of your rental property - to ensure that real estate will produce maximum gain by causing minimum possible trouble.

I enjoy my job very much. My journey into the real estate world began when I was 19-years old and went to the USA to study Marketing and International Business at the Seton Hall University. The years I was living in America tought me that all the people are important. No-one is better than the other and people can not be judged by their covers. It is very important to communicate with people, understand them and know the stories and to build a trustful relationships. In 2004 I returned to Estonia with all these knowledges. Job searches led to a logical conclusion -
I started to work in the field of real estate.

Brokerage and property manager job is truly interesting. Every day is something new and completely out of routine. I see a lot of different people and homes that provide tremendous inspiration. And as I am with an athlete soul, all these rapid and unexpected situations drive me to reach a victorious outcome! Every day I stand strongly for the owner to get the agreed rent and utility fees from the tenants and I feel that I have lost if it is not achievable. 

Solving everyda concerns of rental apartments is as a race - you never know what is going to happen: whether it is necessary to repair any damaged pipe, handle the key exchange, search for a new tenant or do it all at once.

Eventually all the solutions to the situations happened during the day land as an overview to the landlords e-mail. This creates a particularly good feeling - again, I have been able to make people's lives easier and save someone else from troubles and headache. With such a knowledge it is good to turn off my computer and go for a volleyball training and to spend some quality time with my family.

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Clients feedback

  1. Efficient and effective property management service offered by MyHome!
    I have been a client of Kadri (MyHome) since 2007, after having been recommended to me by a friend. I have found the service by MyHome to be extremely good. Kadri has managed the property very efficiently and effectively. There have been very little void periods in my property, tenants have been found very quickly. MyHome is very knowledgeable of the local market conditions. I would surely recommend Kadri/MyHome to any prospective landlord in Tallinn. Harbans, Australia Harbans, Australia
  2. Rent is always paid on time
    “I have known Kadri & Gerdi for 10 years and used the company’s services for about 7. Their level of professionalism is great. To date I’ve had no tenant problems. Rent is always paid on time. Problems (minor repairs etc) are quickly, cheaply and efficiently dealt with. I have no hesitation in recommending them and their company.” Alan Woodcock, South Africa
  3. Excellent professional service with a very personal touch!
    My friend and I have known Kadri /MyHome since summer 2007 when we engaged her services to manage our apartments in Tallinn. Since then, Kadri and her team have always provided a very professional service (with a very personal touch). They are very customer-focussed, delivering everything in a timely and efficient manner. We are very happy and satisfied with their service and would not hesitate to recommend Kadri and MyHome to anybody. Sunita Patel, London, England
  4. Highly competent and professional property management service.
    We were fortunate to run into Kadri Kruus and Gerdi Anupõld before we bought a new Foorum apartment near the Old Town in Tallinn. They began by arranging for an efficient, cost-effective installation of the kitchen, plus all needed furniture and fittings. Since then, Kadri has provided a highly competent and professional property management service. Kadri is reliable and has a great sense of humor too! Chris & Gees Boland, Cambridge, England
  5. I have known Kadri (MyHome.OÜ) for over 6 years and I have found them extremely professional and on many occasions they go beyond their call of duty. They offer a great furnishing service, with options that suit all budgets and then arranged for timely installations. They have found me good tenants very quickly, and they have always looked after them. I find Kadri and her company very reliable, responsive and they always offering an honest opinion. I would recommend them for anyone looking for peace of mind when requiring property management services in Estonia. Gopindra, UK